Alpha is a clan for friendship and fun. Alpha is not interested in any nasty wars or spying. Alpha dislikes swearing, Battlefront is a game, cussing and rudeness makes everyone unhappy. Any competitive play Alpha participates in will be friendly gaming; Alpha will refuse to engage with any unfriendly game play.

=== Alpha Clan Rules ===

 Alpha Members are expected to follow the rules below

  1. Show respect to other people while playing at all times.
  2. Members of Alpha are expected to create a profile on this site, and/or the SWBF2 website.  
  3. Swearing/Cursing is to be kept to a minimum, unless you get very creative. Creativity is highly encouraged. 
  4. Please do NOT ask for a promotion. Generals will give out promotions when they see fit. If you wish to know how to improve yourself as a member of Alpha, then you may ask a General/s in private. If a General chooses not to give you a promotion, they probably have a good reason, so don't pester them about it.